Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products do you make?

Funky Steel creates a range of home furnishings and decor that reflect a modern, industrial style. We strive to design products that are not only interesting and beautiful, but practical as well. And all of our designs are hard-core: dance on our tables and swing from our chandeliers, because they can take it!

What if I want something customized? Will you do that?

Of course! We rarely say no to our customers! If you can dream it, we can build/modify/enhance it! Change the color of a powder coat, or get something in a larger or smaller size, whatever your request is, ask away! Most of our products can be fully customized to your specific needs or taste! Contact Us to discuss your ideas!

Do you design large or commercial products?

Yes! Funky Steel was originally a custom steel fabrication firm that started building large-scale, industrial installations of stairs, railings and gates. Send us ALL your ideas, we can do it!